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At North Point we are in pursuit of landscape excellence. We are here to set a standard in construction and in ourselves. We separate ourselves by investing into our customer’s needs, building people, culture, careers and future construction leaders. Through design and our standard on installing landscapes we will be the difference in our industry. We will lead by example and set the standard.

Experience That Matters

As a family-owned and operated business serving the Inland Northwest, our custom top-to-bottom landscape services are designed to transform your outdoor spaces according to your vision.

Customer-Centric Approach

We take pride in our strong work ethic, attention to detail and professionalism. When you choose us, you’ll benefit from a team dedicated to delivering results that align perfectly with your specifications.

Integrity & Excellence
We blend the values of small-town ethics with industry standards. We are committed to upholding integrity in everything we do. From start to finish, you can trust us to deliver landscape excellence that exceeds your expectations.

Our team

Richie Morales


I grew up in Priest River, Idaho, in a community where your neighbors were your family. You didn’t have to lock your doors at night and when you gave someone your word, it meant something. Growing up in an “old school” community with good and true values, is something I am and will forever be grateful for. Since most of the opportunities for work were in logging, the lumber mill or construction, all of the them being physical, demanding and honest, made for a town built on hard work and perseverance. That is the culture that taught me the values I have today and have worked tirelessly to instill in North Point since is foundation.


North Point Land Construction was founded in Spokane, Washington, and like most, in a garage. It started with a vision of building a reputable company that had honest values, high standards and integrity. To say it was a tough start, would be an understatement. No leads, lots of fear and doubt, running out of ideas to get work all while having a wife and 1 year old daughter at home to support, I had no lack in motivation to figure it out. So I started out door knocking to generate something, which was the most humbling experience in sales I’ve ever had, but through it, I was able to meet a wonderful couple in Spokane who gave me an opportunity with their project. Alone, but determined, I supplied and installed a beautiful product. That one job garnered enough traction to obtain 4 other projects in that same development. That’s how it started and today we are building future construction leaders and working with the most resolute contractors while continuing to set ourselves apart in our industry.

Matt Vonesek

Site Superintendent

Chris Martinez

Site Superintendent

Nate Martin

Site Superintendent

Dominic Gonzales

Site Superintendent

Taryn Morales

Human Resources
Office Manager

North Point Land construction

Our Philosophy

To set a new standard in landscape construction.