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Yes, We will do an initial consultation on all new projects.

Landscape designs are not needed but recommended to ensure accuracy with budgets, clear vision, expectations and execution of a landscape.

1) Set up site meeting to over area of work to be done. We will spend some time going over what your goals and outcomes are for the project.

2) Decide if we are providing a landscape drawing.

3) Provide a budget for the project.

4) Contracts in place

5) Schedule and timeline expectations

6) Execution of work

Yes, pavers are a great substitute for concrete. One benefit of pavers is that if there is ever any settling or damage, the pavers can be lifted and corrected at any time. Once concrete breaks, cracks, or gets damaged you will have to patch or replace large sections that may not look right and could be costly.

First thing we need to decide is if you have the space needed for a court. We can modify the courts to be half courts and even modify a little from there as needed. The next step is to look at access to see if any additional landscape work will be needed to build the court like retaining walls or additional site development. There are different types of sport courts: concrete, concrete with court tiles, or asphalt. Your access will determine if you can have an asphalt court.

Yes, there are specific pavers that are designed for vehicles and are traffic rated.

We typically start signing up customers in September- December each year to establish our spring and mid-summer. Later summer and fall projects are typically under contract during January-March. Things change but this is a good rule of thumb for our firm.

 Yes we do offer maintenance; However, we do not offer maintenance services outside of our design and install projects.