Hayden Lake | Country Club

Hayden Lake | Country Club

Introducing a hidden gem nestled within the Hayden Lake Golf Course—a smaller property bursting with inspiration for maximizing your backyard. Welcome to “Big Things in Small Packages.”

At first glance, the challenge seemed daunting: how to fulfill the homeowner’s myriad requests for their outdoor living area within such a compact lot. However, with creativity as our guiding force, we embarked on a journey to turn this space into a true sanctuary.

The Pickleball Paradise

Our first feat was the installation of a pickleball court on the back lawn. Opting to maintain the court’s natural concrete color with a broom finish, we seamlessly integrated this recreational haven into the landscape.

Raised Planter Beds

Concrete and board-formed, the raised planter beds exude a natural timber texture, perfectly complementing the surroundings. Each bed hosts a tree, accentuated by soft tree lights that come to life as evening falls.

The Serene Water Feature

A natural basalt column rock takes center stage in this tranquil water feature. Teaming with life, Kelsea dogwoods, lavenders, and boxwoods lend vibrancy to this captivating pond-less oasis.

In the heart of Hayden Lake Golf Course lies proof that size is no limitation when it comes to creating an outdoor paradise. With careful planning and innovative design, even the smallest spaces can yield remarkable results.

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